Auto Accident

An automobile or motorcycle accident can send your life into a tailspin. Not only do you lose your primary source of transportation, an accident can affect you physically and mentally in ways you never imagined. Things start happening fast. Insurance information is exchanged, adjusters call. Meanwhile, you have a vehicle to fix and, possibly, injuries to heal.

10 Things to Remember After an Accident

1) First FREEZE TIME. You’ll need to gather evidence so get ready to get out of your car. Before you do check yourself and your passengers for any injuries.
2) Call 911 and report the accident. Ask for them to send the police. Report any injuries no matter how insignificant.
3) Now is the time to get out of the car. Check traffic and make sure it is safe to go out. DO NOT MOVE THE VEHICLE UNTIL THE ACCIDENT SCENE HAS BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED AND DOCUMENTED.
4) Look around for any witnesses, they tend to leave an accident scene quickly. Get cel phone numbers and places of work, email addresses as well as their names and basic contact information.
5) Talk to the at fault driver and ask “Why did you hit me?” Record them on your cel phone. If they don’t wish to talk write out a statement listing their admission and get them to sign it.
6). Get as much information from the other driver as possible. Demand to see theirInsurance card, driver’s license and registration. Photograph them with your cel phone and write it down on a pad of paper (doing both gives you solid evidence.
7) Do not allow any cars to be moved until the police have documented the scene and they ask for cars to be cleared away.
8) When paramedics arrive do not refuse treatment. Be sure you tell any paramedics, police officers and emergency room personnel about your injuries. If offered a ride to the hospital by emergency crew, take them up on it.
9) Do not give statements to anybody at the scene of the accident except the police. Report the accident to your insurance company. Filing an insurance claim is not the same as giving a recorded statement.
10) Get a free legal consultation from Michael D. Weinreb to determine if you have a case.

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Fast Facts
• Over six million traffic accidents were reported in the United States last year according to the NHTSA
• More than 1/3 of traffic accidents are speed related
• Almost 10% of traffic accidents are fatal
• In California alone, there are almost 5,000 traffic fatalities a year

I know about accidents, motorcycles and vehicles. My extensive knowledge comes from being a licensed competitive race car driver and a licensed motorcycle rider. I even have a National Championship title under my belt. I bring this winning attitude to every case. I am considered a subject matter expert in the California Vehicle Code. In fact, I have a 100% win record using the Vehicle Code defense.

I would love to help you resolve your auto or motorcycle accident claim. If you have been in an automobile or motorcycle accident, or if you have been injured as the result of being hit by a vehicle, contact me now.