How Michael D. Weinreb Can Help You And Your Family

An automobile accident can send your life into a tailspin. Not only do you lose your primary source of transportation, an accident can affect you physically and mentally in ways you never imagined.

After the accident, things start to happen fast. Information is exchanged with the other driver, police arrive and witnesses are interviewed. And then insurance adjusters get involved.

Many will attempt to settle your case, but for much lower than what you are likely entitled to under the law.

Insurance carriers have no duty to inform you of the law or every benefit you are allowed to obtain. In fact, they may say you contributed to the incident if you are a pedestrian involved in a collision.

Getting a lawyer is essential, particularly if serious injuries or death is involved. Michael D. Weinreb is a successful auto accident injury attorney whose skills are unmatched by many of his competitors. Here is what sets him apart:

Over 15 Years Of Experience

Since 1988, Michael has been helping injured parties in Northridge, California, recover compensation for all types of auto accidents. To date, he has recovered over $150 million for those injured in auto and other personal injury matters.

Vehicle Code Expert

He knows about accidents. Not only is he considered a subject matter expert in the California Vehicle Code but also he has a 100 percent win record in Vehicle Code defense.

Professional Race Car Driver

He is also a licensed competitive race car driver, with a national championship title win. Together with his knowledge of the law and personal understanding of cars, he has a unique insight many of his competitors lack.

Let him help you.

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Call today. Michael offers free consults and always provides contingency fee payment arrangements. You pay nothing upfront and are responsible for attorney’s fees only when Michaels recovers for you.

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No Upfront Costs.
Call or send an email today to set up a free consult to speak with Michael about your case. There are never any upfront costs. All cases he takes are on a contingency fee arrangement, which means you may pay nothing until a recovery is obtained. He takes all of the risks and advances all costs. Find out how he can help you.
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