Legal Representation For Northridge California Victims Of Boating Accidents

Whether it’s due to a boat colliding with another boat, a slip-and-fall onboard or a mechanical malfunction that leads to a sinking ship, boating accidents are perhaps more dangerous than auto accidents simply due to the often inability to escape from the situation.

Many individuals become trapped inside a vessel or those who are unable to swim are thrown unexpectedly from a boat and drown.

Boating Operators Owe You A Duty Of Care

Under the law, boat operators or boat owners have a duty to exercise the highest degree of care to prevent injuries to passengers and others on the waterway. If they do not and injury occurs, they could be liable for injuries or death that results.

How Michael D. Weinreb Can Help

Attorney Michael D. Weinreb, with Weinreb Law, knows about boats and what happens when something goes wrong and someone is injured through no fault of their own.

As a yachtsman and boat owner himself, he has extensive knowledge of boating and boating accident cases and has helped individuals throughout Northridge, California, recover for their injuries.

He can meet with you to help determine whether or not you have a case and what the best avenue to pursue to get you maximum compensation under the law.

Extensive Experience, Million-Dollar Recoveries

Michael is well-known in the legal community and has recovered tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements over the years.

He has the experience, expertise and track record to help you. Call Michael today: 818-886-6300. Free consultations provided.

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