Handling dangerous situations with a motorcycle

Those who enjoy riding their motorcycles in California likely have some idea of just how dangerous these vehicles can be. However, some riders may not be ready to deal with high-risk situations before they occur. As such, it is recommended that they ensure that they are prepared for them.

Driving in heavy traffic presents significant risks to motorcyclists. In some cases, riders may be stuck in multiple motorists’ blind spots, potentially causing them to be at risk for being hit by a car when the motorists try to change lanes. Although lane-splitting is legal in California, motorcyclists should only attempt it when it is safe to do so.

Motorcyclists should also be prepared to make emergency maneuvers to potentially prevent becoming involved in an accident. For example, they should know how to do a quick brake by applying both the front and rear brakes. Riders can swerve by pulling to the side and putting some pressure on the hand grip. When doing this maneuver, riders should avoid putting their foot down or leaning, as this can cause the bike to slide out from under them. Finally, if their motorcycle is wobbling, riders can close the throttle and move their weight forward. Once they reach a safe place, they should pull over and fix their weight distribution.

When a motorcyclist becomes involved in an accident in Northridge, California, there are a number of steps that should be taken. This includes gathering information, images of the accident and phone numbers from any witnesses. If the motorcyclist was seriously injured or needs immediate medical attention, he or she should first take care of his or her injuries. A personal injury attorney may assist with gathering evidence for a motorcyclist who was severely injured. The attorney may also work with the liable driver’s insurance to reach a settlement agreement.