Taking ADHD medication may help to reduce accident risks

Californians may be aware of the problems that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder can cause in daily life. Many people who suffer from ADHD are prescribed medications to help them to control their symptoms. People who have ADHD have been shown to have higher risks of having car accidents than people who don’t have ADHD, but medication can help them drive more safely.

recent study found that people with ADHD who take medications to control their symptoms are much less likely to have accidents than people who have the disorder but who fail to take their medications. The researcher reviewed information from 2.3 million Americans with ADHD over a 10-year time period. The researcher looked at months during which people filled their prescriptions versus months that they did not.

During the study period, 11,224 people with ADHD had accidents that caused them to go to the hospital. Men who took their ADHD medications were 38 percent less likely to have accidents. Women who took their ADHD medications were 42 percent less likely to be involved in accidents than women who did not take their medications. Those who had ADHD had higher overall accident rates than people who did not have the disorder when measured against a control group.

Many accidents are caused by negligent driving behaviors, including distracted driving. People who have ADHD should take the medications that are prescribed to them to help to increase their attention and focus while they are driving. If they don’t, they may cause accidents because of distraction. People who are injured by distracted drivers might benefit by talking to auto accident attorneys. The attorneys may investigate what happened and present evidence that shows the liability of the distracted drivers. This may help their clients negotiate settlements so that they can be fairly compensated.