Some who say it should be banned still text and drive

According to a study, the majority of drivers in the U.S. believe that distracted driving is a major factor in many car accidents. In fact, more than 90 percent of respondents believed that texting and driving should be illegal, as it currently is in California. In the same study, however, 30 percent of drivers felt that they were able to safely text and drive.

The findings showed stark differences between young and old drivers. About 62 percent of those who were between 18 and 34 were relatively confident in their ability to text and drive safely. Even so, 64 percent of these drivers felt that distracted driving was one of the most common causes of vehicle crashes. On the other hand, only about 6 percent of drivers who were 55 or older were confident in their texting and driving skills.

When drivers were split by gender, it was found that 21 percent of men were confident in their texting and driving skills while 11 percent of women were. Still, 88 percent of men and 97 percent of women felt that texting and driving should be illegal.

Even though large percentages of drivers believe that texting and driving should be illegal, there are still many drivers who are confident that they can safely engage in risky driving behavior. However, texting and driving can result in a car accident that leaves those involved with significant injuries. If an injured person has evidence that another driver was engaging in risky behavior when the accident occurred, such as texting and driving, an auto accident attorney could file a lawsuit against the liable driver seeking appropriate compensation.