Workplace Injuries

What is a workplace injury? If you are hurt performing your normal duties on your job, it may be due to unsafe working conditions, unreasonable demands or work environments which lead to repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Do you have a case?

In California, you cannot sue your employer for job-related injuries. Instead, you must go through worker’s compensation insurance. Unfortunately, worker’s compensation laws do not make an injured person whole. Although they may compensate you for medical benefits, rehabilitation and payroll income, the actual benefits received may be lower than your regular pay. If you believe you can prove that your work injury was caused by gross negligence or harmful circumstances caused by a third party, someone other than your employer, you may have a case.

7 Things to remember if you have a workplace injury:

1) Make sure that your manager fills out an accident report. This report should document the nature of the accident.
2) Request a signed copy of the accident report and make sure you receive it in a timely manner.
3) If there are witnesses, get their names and contact information.
4) Note unsafe conditions or situations which contributed to your workplace injury. Take pictures if it is possible.
5) Seek medical attention for your injuries immediately. Report all injuries to the hospital and make sure everything is documented. Something that seems minor now could be the precursor to something worse.
6) Report the injury to worker’s compensation insurance, but do not give a recorded statement without the presence of an attorney.
7) Get a free consultation from Michael D. Weinreb to determine if you have a case.

Workplace injuries can take away your livelihood and your ability to earn a living. In extreme cases, workplace injuries can even lead to death. You deserve to be compensated for your injury due to negligence and/or unsafe working conditions. If you think you may have a case, contact me now for a free consultation.