Prescription Drug Injuries

Prescription drugs, you need them to stay healthy or to heal. But when the medications you rely upon to get better have dangerous side effects, it could result in serious injury. The side effects listed on a pharmaceutical commercial are often longer than the list of benefits the drug provides. Sadly, medications with dangerous side effects make it to market and result in prescription drug injuries.

Statistics on dangerous drugs:

– In 2006, the CDC estimated that 350,000 Americans died of drug reactions or interactions.

– Two thirds of doctor’s visits result in the patient being given a drug prescription.

– In 2004, more people ages 45- 54 died as a result of unintentional drug overdoses than died in automobile accidents.

– Nearly 85% of people 65 and older are taking at least one drug prescription, and many are taking several different ones at the same time.

Dangerous drugs in the news:






Unmonitored opiates and even ADHD drugs can result in physical dependency.

How can Michael D. Weinreb help?

Michael D. Weinreb understands that you need medications to be healthy or heal. When those drugs fail you and cause injury due to serious side effects, it can make a lasting impact on you, your family, and your friends. These injuries can be difficult to gain the proper compensation for if you are not represented by a capable attorney. Michael D. Weinreb will help you determine whether or not you have a case and help you clear away the emotional stress and strain that happens as a result of being the victim of a dangerous drug or negligent monitoring while being prescribed an addictive drug. When you hide Michael D. Weinreb, you know that he will aggressively defend your legal rights and provide the hands on service you deserve. Let Michael D. Weinreb help by calling him for a free evaluation of your case.