Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

A dog may be man’s best friend, but when someone lets their dog get out of their control it can cause substantial harm and injury. It is always the duty of a pet owner to keep their animals leached and within their control. Loud noises or situation which the dog views as a threat can provoke a dog bite. Dog bites happen in California more often than you might think. Children are particularly at risk for dog bites due to their spontaneous nature.

10 Things to Remember If You Are Attacked by an Animal

1) Get away from the animal and to a safe place.
2) Call 911 if you are injured.
3) Stay calm and get as much information from the pet owner as possible. Take a picture your injuries if you have a cell phone with a camera.
4) Do not admit that you were at fault for the dog bite. Something as innocent as “I didn’t mean to” or “I’m sorry” could be construed as admitting fault.
5) If there are witnesses, get their names and contact information.
6) Write down the address of the occurrence.
7) Do not leave the scene until steps one through six have been done.
8) Be sure you tell any paramedics, police officers and emergency room personnel about your injuries.
9) If the pet owner has offered information on their homeowners insurance, report the attack to the insurance company, but avoid giving a recorded statement without counsel present.
10) Get a free consultation from Michael D. Weinreb to determine if you have a case.

Fast Facts
• Almost 50% of dog bite injuries are sustained by children
Dog bites can leave scars, cause mental health issues or even result in death
Dog bite victims can often receive financial compensation for hardships and injuries
Dogs don’t have to bite to attack, a dog can jump on you and cause injury

Dog bites are serious. Dogs that bite once are likely to bite again. Let me help you with the physical and emotional stressors that dog bites cause. I will be with you every step of the way, from speaking to the insurance company to going to court if necessary. If you have been bitten or have an injury that is a direct result of an animal attack, contact me now.