Boating Accidents

Any watercraft incident, including one with a jet ski, is considered a boating accident. Boating accidents can perhaps be more dangerous than automobile accidents due to the inability to escape from your situation. You may lose your vessel altogether if it is sunk, or worse, you are thrown from your boat or someone drowns. Boat safety is serious, but too many boat owners, ferry and marina operators operate unsafely, which results in accidents and injury.

It is the law that the operators of a boat and the owner of the boat have a duty to exercise the highest degree of care in order to prevent injuries to others.

Common boating accidents:

boat collisions

– slip and fall

– sinking

boat disappearance

boat malfunctions

– reckless, inexperienced or careless boat operator

In 2003, the United States Coast Guard reported 800 boating accidents in California alone. 7.6% of these accidents resulted in a fatality.

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