Auto Accident Preparedness Kit


One of the most difficult challenges in life is knowing exactly what to do in an emergency.

Auto Accident Preparedness Kit

Auto Accident:be prepared. Print this Auto Accident Preparedness Kit for your car.


Auto accidents are an emergency that 99% of Americans will have experienced before they turn 30

years old. Even in minor car accidents it is challenging to remain calm and gather all of the information you will need to protect your interests. Recovery from personal injuries, aggravated conditions and property damage are all impacted by what you do at the scene of the accident.

We are grateful that you have found the Accident Preparedness Checklist. We hope you have watched our  video series on ‘What to do in an Accident’. That is even better preparation for surviving the stress that can be brought on by being involved in an auto accident. The

videos will also tell what to do so that the Accident Preparedness Checklist makes more sense if you should ever need it.

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We have handled thousands of auto accident cases over the last 23 years. Tens of thousands since Laurence Weinreb first opened the doors in 1951. We know first hand the toll an accident can take on a family. In California we are used to being prepared for surviving earthquakes and everybody has an Earthquake Kit. Auto accidents happen just as much without warning and need just as much preparation.

Recently Michael Weinreb checked with his daughter to see how well prepared she is. He reviewed the steps to take in the event of an auto accident. He also reviewed the items in her car to make sure she had all the materials she might need in an emergency.