Michael D. Weinreb

Since 1988, Michael D. Weinreb has practiced law with the utmost integrity. In his practice, the client comes first. This basic principle was taught to him by his father, Lawrence A. Weinreb, a noted, respected and admired top trial attorney who practiced law in excess of fifty years. Tiger, warrior, protector, all of these words describe Michael D. Weinreb, a lawyer who works hard to aggressively protect your personal rights. He’s never taken NO for an answer and won’t start with your case.

The automotive and motorcycle arena is familiar ground to Michael D. Weinreb. His extensive knowledge comes from his direct experience as a licensed competitive race car driver and a licensed motorcycle rider. He even has a National Championship title under his belt. He brings this winning attitude to every case.
photo of Michael D. Weinreb, attorney at law specializing in personal injury
While some lawyers pass off cases to paralegals or junior staff members, Michael D. Weinreb never will. He handles every case personally from start to finish. If your case goes to trial, he will be by your side. If it doesn’t, he will be on the phone handling negotiations. When you choose Michael D. Weinreb, you always know who you are dealing with.

Track record
• Responsible for $4 million + in settlements and verdicts over the past 23 years
• Secured many multi-million dollar confidential settlements
• Initiated vehicle recalls do to successful litigation
• 100% win record in the Vehicle Code sector defense

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